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Kyotographer - Kaori & Moritz


In this online shop of Kyotographer, we are working very hard to give you a selection of the best print art and photography gifts.

Kyotographer is a family-driven project with two people at its heart, Moritz and Kaori.

Message from Moritz: I have been interested in photography for more than a quarter century :) A long journey that has led me to live and work in Kyoto. I put the love for both together and founded the brand Kyotographer. I hope I can give back some of the joy of taking these photographs in form of meticulously designed and crafted print products.

Message from Kaori: With a dedication to the traditions of Kyoto and local shops, we carefully select packaging materials Made in Japan from our local distributors, print either in-house or with our trusted partners in Kyoto.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting our website, simply to view our photographs or to treat yourself, family or friends to our products!